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Throat singing course

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Throat singing

In this master class you will learn the main styles of throat singing.  

Please, leave your name and email and I will send you the full information about master class. 

Если вы хотите научиться исполнять горловое пение, напишите свое имя и электронную почту. В ближайшее время я свяжусь с вами) 

Throat singing is a very ancient form of vocal art. Many, many years ago when people live in harmony with the nature, they wanted to connect with the nature, they wanted to pay tribute to the nature. And they started to imitate the sounds of nature and animals.

Throat singing is not only singing. It's also the way to self-knowledge and the health improvement with healing frequencies. When you sing throat singing styles your body resonates and turns into a big musical instrument.


Throat singing will help you to find complete relaxation and harmony of your body and mind.

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